In last october MDC Investments was admitted by EBAN (European Business Angels Network) leading comittee to join their network.

EBAN is the pan-European representative for the early stage investor gathering over 150 member organizations more than 50 countries today. Established in 1999 by a group of pioneer angel networks in Europe with the collaboration of the European Commission and EURADA, EBAN represents a sector estimated to invest 7.5 billion Euros a year and playing a vital role in Europe’s future, notably in the funding of SMEs. EBAN fuels Europe’s growth through the creation of wealth and jobs.

MDC Investments consider this as a first step to take active role in the Europan Investors community in order to share information and opportunities with other similar investors. Stefano Rusca pointed out that “As the world become more complex and markets globally integrated to be part of such a network is better guarantee to understand emerging mega-trends in advance but also to co-invest with other players in opportunities that otherwise would be to big to catch as a single”

More information on EBAN at: