Facility & Commodities

Africa is considered by almost all the observers as the place where new economic and financial challenges will take place.

MDC Investments look at this country and its business opportunities as a component of the investments mix for the next decade at least.

As economic stability in most african countries and lack of rules represent serious threats in mid and long-term investments we better prefer to focus our effort on small trading business and short-term operations keeping maximum attention to risk mitigation.

We use capital to perform trading commodities. We enter in trades we know the counterparts, all the actors and the rules of the game so to cutoff any variable typically due to lack of understanding in trading. We operate, using SPVs, only on physical trading and not on virtual so avoiding certificates, derivatives and similars, thanks to this approach we can proudly say that our business are very low risk while, on the other side, very profitable.

If you are interested in our newcoming operations please fell free to contact us.