MDC Astrolabe SICAV Plc

Backed by it’s previous management and investment experience MDC Investments promoted the launch an AIF SICAV in Malta. Thanks to AQA Capital support and professional skill the result is the born of MDC ASTROLABE SICAV PLC which qualifies as an Alternative Investment Fund in terms of the Alternative Investment Fund Directive (EU Directive). The Fund is registered in Malta as a Notified Alternative Investment Fund.

The first Sub-fund is now launched as well: FORTITUDE 1780.

Goal will be to give to our investors (only qualified investors, not general public or retail can be eligible for) relevant annual returns under top level investment management and well qualified administration, auditing and bank account keeping.

For such reason Astrolabe Sicav involves top professionals:

AQA Capital Ltd   as Investment Manager

Deloitte Malta  as External Auditor

RSM Italia   as External Valuer

DOLFIN ASSET SERVICES as Depositary  and a Strings of Global Custodians . ( please check at )

If You qualify as qualified or institutional investor and You’re interested in our SICAV, sub-fund or investments please feel free to contact us.