MDC Investments goes STRIKE!

MDC Investments joined fitness management team of Strike Srl.

With a 30% acquisition of the capital MDC Investments will support company business plan that targets important goals for the italian fitness market but also, in a second phase, for some other european Countries.

Strike is an italian company dealing of creation and development of programs for sport and fitness, claimed to be among the best product on this market.

Nowdays  group lessons are the winning key for any Fitness Club and with Strike® programs they can have an extra gear at their disposal, thanks to the standard of quality that increases the costumer frequency and satisfaction

Strike designs and prepares  training programs that are giving the results that people have always hoped to get in fact during a Strike® lesson there are dynamic, strength, ability and balance exercises. But Strike also produces MO.MA. a simple but very effective and innovative training tool that can be used to better perform Strike lessons but also fits perfectly in other disciplines like Pilates.

Finally Strike designs and produces it own branded fitness & casualwear apparrel which is strongly apprecieted both  for training in workouts both as comfortable apparrel to wear during freetime.

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