MDC joins fashion brand Marita Huurinainen

MDC Investments recently made a small share acquisition in Designium Brand Group owner of the finnish fashion brand Marita Huurinainen.

Marita’s philosophy is that one should not create anything wasteful into this world. The designs have to be lasting in both their style and material, so that they may remain in use for several years, a lifetime and more in the best case. Nature has been the starting point Marita’s designs, for both inspiration and as a source for materials. It is a relationship of respect and co-operation. It is important to recognize the heritage we yield from, yet to live knowingly in the modern cosmopolitan world.

This philosophy is perfectly expressed in Marita’s signature concepts WILD, which is the only ethical furs and leather concept in the world, and WAVE, the patented wooden design shoe.

The mood of the Marita Huurinainen collections is strongly influenced by the spirit of Finland. The design of the spring/summer collection is light & colourful like the summer time in Finland. The autumn/winter collection is dark and mystic like the winter time in Finland.

The Marita Huurinainen brand was launched in 2013 and it’s now growing up selling all over the world.

MDC first small investment was done in order to cut the times to take position already in the first round of capital collection recently closed and to set up strategies with Designium Brand Group  management in order to increase investment amount in the followuing round stages.