Our Values & Vision


MDC Investments is a private owned advisory and investment firm with a very clear and simple philosophy: we invest in alternative investments (never in institutional tools unless as “parking” for short times when looking at investments matching our guidelines) which can be fully under control and with possibility to define returns, risks and exact amounts of capital required.

Our mission is to provide wealthies and institutionals such kind of investments which usually are excluded by traditional investors.

Our strongest value is to find, choose and control each single investment we are in so to act like a Private Equity Fund in the way to grow up business opportunities we invested in (Joint Ventures, Newcos, Projects, Real Estate, etc.) so to protect and grant our investment returns. MDC works in different Countries in Europe, Africa and USA  with top level, skilled, human resources and long term partners.

Our business philosophy starts considering that many high ROI opportunities of business are “not for all” due to lack of knowledge, information and, somehow, of skills so the goal is to put under management and control, through finance support, such a kind of assets to generate high, stable and consolidated return increasing MDC net asset value and capitalization to benefit the stakeholders.

Everyday we search Country by Country looking for low or mid risk mid-long term investments alternatives in order to provide up to 10% yearly return according to investors targets and risk-appetite.

We divide our fields of investments mainly in three sectors followed by skilled advisors or managers:

Real Estate

Commodities Trading

SME Projects

We also invest small portion of our capital in other resources adopting similar criteria and guidelines as mentioned above.