Start Up

In MDC Investments we believe that innovation in business is the true key factor that makes the difference.

Thanks to several years of previous experience of our staff and managers in setting up and managing newborn companies or enhancing growth of small and medium ones we consider this area of investments not a mere diversification asset but a true value of growth for MDC Investments.

In this sector MDC acts like a traditional Private Equity Firm or a Venture Capitalist, we look at best small and medium enterprises projects in quite all business areas Worldwide.

SME with possibilities to grow-up, expand their business horizons or develop new products or services so to generate good-level ROI are perfect targets for our investments.

We avoid hard industrial and biomedical sectors because of our lack of competence, all the others are welcome so please feel free to share with us your projects if you’re looking for a mid or long term partner.

MDC Investments is also member of EBAN association .

If you are interested in our newcoming operations please fell free to contact us.